Glacier point

Glacier Point | Photo Copyright: Lana Law

Driving through the Yosemite Valley usually entails looking for places. Glacier Point, at over 7,200 feet, gives you a magnificent view of the entire valley, as well as many other features beyond, and provides a whole new perspective. It is one of the most incredible views in Yosemite National Park and is an absolute must-see.

The drive from Yosemite Village to Glacier Point takes about an hour, but you will also find hiking and other viewpoints in the area worth exploring. The four-mile trail runs from a glacier point 3,200 feet down to the Yosemite Valley, exiting near Sentinel Rock. Despite the name, the trail is nearly five miles long. It is also a cool class and in relatively poor condition. Near Glacier Point, Washburn Point is equally spectacular with incredible views of Vernal Fall.

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