Yosemite Falls Base | Photo Copyright: Lana Law

It’s hard to imagine visiting Yosemite without hitting some of the hiking trails. The park has a full range of hikes, from quick and easy, including some with wheelchair access, to full or multi-day hikes. The most popular trails include hiking in waterfalls or climbing high exits, but you can also hike to alpine lakes and meadows. The shorter, easier trails in the valley are always the busiest, but you can avoid the crowds if you take some of the longer hikes or those with more elevation. Hiking along the Tioga road is also less busy, but only available in summer.

One of the most famous hikes in the park is the Half Dome hike; a huge day hike with 4800 feet of altitude and an open section with cables. Lighter, more family-friendly hikes include the Mirror Lakes, the Vernal Fall footbridge trek and the Mist Trail footbridge trek. In summer, when the Tioga road is open, you can hike through the beautiful alpine scenery. Also seasonal, but usually with a longer season, the Sentinel Dome and Taft Point hike Glacier Road – popular sunset trails.

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